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Quickly build a simple yet fully customizable website to sell digital downloads, courses or content access. Generate your audience base growth via free member access.

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Let users to test-drive your content to boost sales

Give users access to valuable content in exchange for their info

Using Gated content is a powerful strategy for boosting lead generation and sales.

— Tease a part of your content or service on a public page
— Share more value to users completing a form or a survey
— Grow your newsletter audience

Use Paywalls to provide full access to high-value content

Charging a small fee turns a visitor into a customer and helps to create deeper brand experience.

— Charge One-time payment to give full access or a part of your website.
— Set Recuring subscriptions for access to newsletter, website pages and content.

Sell downloadable content

Build a secure and simple checkout process for users to buy any formats of digital content from your website via email-shared links or direct downloads.

Create newsletters with free and paid access tiers

- Send newsletter previews to free subscribers & full emails for paying ones.
- Run separate newsletters for each membership tier or send emails to selected ones.
- Let readers see public parts of each and every email on the website with a paywall so they know what they're buying.

Integratae website with your CRM & other services

Collect and access your reader's data via any CRM or database that supports data writing from Webhooks or POST API requests.

Back up your user data and content collections to CRMs (Affinity, Hubspot, SalesForce, Notion and etc.) and Databases (Postgress, Supabase).

How to use Gated & Paywalled content to boost your growth

Even if your business is about selling products or services, Gated and even Paywalled content could rapidly scale your growth.

By providing access to some valuable content in exchange for an email, a survey, one time small payment or a recurring subscription, you provide an opportunity for your audience to start relationships with your business via small steps. If implemented thoughtfully and properly, such experience could warm up your prospects, build trust and increase chances for more sales.

What are the best practices to work with gated content and paywalls? Let's dig into it.

Gated Content: Creating a test drive opportunity

The basic idea behind paywalls and gated content is to let your audience test-drive whatever you are selling before making an actual deal.

So, to get it work, you will need to make sure this test drive fulfills or, even better, exceeds the expectations of what you have promised.

As we don't speak about product or service trial here (such as 7 days of free usage of full product), but about limited content access, you will need to include the following to provide valuable test-drive experience.

  • Show expertise on the problem your offer is designed to solve.
  • Share ACTIONABLE advise about solving it.
  • Tell your audience how does your solution works and why it is

When using gated content as a pre-sale strategy, you want to build a clear path of steps explaining your audience the value of buying from you and how exactly their need or a problem are going to be covered.

Keep these steps in mind as a rule of thumb:

  1. Clearly address the problem or a need you offer a solution for.
  2. Announce that you have a solution for their problem. Explain why your offer is the best on the market to solve it.
  3. Define what kind of content will prove and showcase the solution.
  4. Split it into 20% to 80% ratio.
  5. Show 20% for free in public.
  6. Share another 80% in exchange for the information you need (an email or a lead form, a survey, subscription to a newsletter or your Twitter page along with retweet).
  7. Give a something as a bonus to exceed expectations.
  8. Provide a reason to buy your product or service immediately — a special, limited time offer. But don't give discounts to your base price — you have already shared some value ahead.
  9. Keep sharing valuable content about what you are selling via newsletter, social page etc. etc.

Giving value away for free to earn trust

Experienced entrepreneurs know that trust is more valuable than immediate revenue. Trust turns into retention and loyalty. Both are the basis of long term success and positive ROI per every loyal customer.

So, when you are looking at Gated Content strategies to support your growth — keep in mind: you will earn more in the long run by giving real value for free at the start of relationships with every customer.

Cut the time to market and costs

We use no-code and low-code infrastructure along with pre-built frameworks to significantly reduce time to market and costs.

This approach allows us to quickly adapt to your specific needs and deliver a high-quality product without the lengthy and expensive process of traditional development.

Our approach ensures flexibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to implement gated and paywalled content efficiently.

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