Growth Kit:
Build a Membership Website

Turn your loyal audience into recurring revenue generating members. Build a home for a community of your loyal customers. Drive sales for your Products & Services via Member-only offers.

from $6,500

Get a Membership Website fitted  to your business needs

Various Membership Tiers to control content access

Provide your audience with various content access models: 

— public content;
— free member access;
— partially public pages with paywalls;
— paid membership with different pricing.

One-time payment & Recuring subscription

Offer flexible payment plans. Run promotions, drive more sales, and offer discounts to your newest or most loyal members.

Provide flexible and reliable user authorisation

- Traditional Email & Password.
- Passwordless with magic email links.
- Open Auth via Google, Facebook, Microsoft, GitHub or LinkedIn user accounts.

Automations & integrations with third-party services

Update the website content, user statuses, access, notifications via third-party services. Run various automations based on conditional logic.

— Webflow Logic scenarios.
— Third-party automation tools (Make, Zapier).
— Use incoming and outgoing API requests and webhooks.

Integratae with your CRM & Email Marketing platform

Collect and access your members' data at any CRM or database that supports data writing from Webhooks or POST API requests.

Run automated email campaigns with third-party ESPs such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid.

Back up your user data and content collections to CRMs (Affinity, Hubspot, SalesForce, Notion and etc.) and Databases (Postgress, Supabase).

Sync data to your Wordpress, Shopify CMS.

Still not sure what you're building?

How to Build a Membership Website that generates revenue?

Whether you're launching a membership business or creating a member-only community for your product or service, building a membership website involves significant planning and tech work. While the production phase is straightforward with various SaaS solutions, the real challenge lies in the planning.

Key Steps to Success:

  1. Define Strategy
  2. Plan UX and Functionality
  3. Build the Platform and Infrastructure
  4. Grow Your Member Base

Why Strategy matters

A clear strategy is crucial for an effective membership platform. It can help you:

  • Generate leads for prime product and service sales
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by providing valuable content
  • Boost direct sales through member-only offers
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Create new revenue streams with membership subscriptions
  • Centralize conversations and provide better support
  • Enhance customer experience and build a stronger brand

Focus on Revenue

Regardless of your business model, focusing on revenue and profit will guide you in choosing the right approach:

  • Paid Membership as a Business
  • Membership as a Lead Generation Channel
  • Membership as a Retention and Loyalty Program

Each approach requires different planning for UX, content, marketing, and tech infrastructure. Here's our checklist to help you answer key questions.

Planning UX and Functionality

Before diving into design, answer key questions about your future membership site. Plan user scenarios and functionality to shape your site's structure, technical requirements, and user interfaces.

Aim for simple, linear user scenarios.

Building Your Platform

Once UX and functionality are defined, move to technical requirements. This detailed outline will serve as a checklist for a growth-ready MVP.

Our Approach

Building fully custom-coded projects can be costly and time-consuming. We use a low-code approach with SaaS and web tools to achieve:

  • Fast time to market
  • Flexibility with a modular project structure
  • Reduced production and support costs

Our low-code infrastructure is reliable and compatible with core backend services. We back up data with databases like PostgreSQL and Supabase and use custom solutions for real-time data sync and user data migration.

Get Started Today

Don't waste time and money figuring it all out from scratch. With our experience and pre-tested frameworks, we can deliver a fully working version for testing and deployment in just 3 to 5 weeks.

Average Project Cost: $6,500 – $8,500 + SaaS fees.

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